For sale now: Hereford bulls, calves, bred cow-calf pair and more

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Looking for a bull for breeding? Seeking grass-fed source for your restaurant or table? A cow-calf pair to raise? Yearlings? We’ve got them here, ready to go before winter sets in.

Our Hereford beef cattle are pasture-raised at Russet Valley Farm (RVF), owned by the Panciera family, in Hopkinton, RI. More than 40 years of quality Hereford breeding. Registration, lineage info available at the American Hereford Association (AHA) website.

CALL Ken, 401-258-4281, (NO texts, please) for prices, more details or inquiries about other cattle for sale.

Cattle listed in order of photos:

1 and 2. Polled Hereford bull calf
DOB: 4/3/18
Birthweight: 76 lbs

3. Polled Hereford bull
AHA registration #P43783720
DOB: 9/2/16

4. Polled Hereford bull
AHA registration #P43772684
DOB: 5/18/16

5. Polled Hereford bull
AHA registration #P43772672
DOB: 9/3/16

6. Polled Hereford bull
AHA registration #P43783721
DOB: 8/23/16

7. Hereford bull calf
DOB: 6/5/18
Birthweight: 82 lbs

8. Polled Hereford bred cow and calf pair
AHA registration #P43582863
DOB: 5/28/14

DOB: 8/2/18
Birthweight: 79 lbs

9. Maybell
AHA registration #P43582863
DOB: 5/28/14

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