Polled Herefords are raised for sale live at Russet Valley Farm. Hopkinton, RI.
Calves nibble and mamas get their fill of grass this fall.

Russet Valley Farm is home to a herd of more than 20 polled Herefords, where they are raised for sale live on the hoof to fellow breeders or for finishing and production on your own.

The 200-acre farm operation has been breeding polled Herefords, known for their quality beef, docile demeanor and ease of handling and calving, for four decades. Previously a dairy farm, it has been owned and operated by the Panciera family for more than 125 years in historic Hopkinton, R.I. 

All our cattle are pasture raised and rotationally grazed, supplemented primarily with hay.  We do not use hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. As members of the American Hereford Association, we have both registered and commercial cattle.

hay for sale at Russet Valley Farm, Hopkinton, RIThis year, we’ve expanded our haying operation into sales. We offer round and small-square bales, made of timothy, orchard grass and some clover.

Contact us for more information and pricing or to arrange a visit to our farm, centered in our pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse at 30 Panciera Lane.   Thank you for your interest.