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Beauty spots: Our first calves of the 2018 season

These little loves are two of the nicest calves we’ve ever had at Russet Valley Farm.

And that’s saying something.

Both feature those brown beauty spots, so desirable in polled Herefords.  As did their grandfather,  Boyd Masterpiece 2020.  Of course, Herefords have several other desirable traits, too.

The girl calf has one sweet spot above her right eye.  Mom looks pretty, too, with her curls.  The bull calf has  gorgeous brown rings around both eyes.

But don’t let me persuade you. Judge for yourself. Photos taken within two days after birth.

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More Hereford bull calves for sale, plus heifer calf

Three more young fellas are ready to leave their mommas. Despite the mud and wind — will this winter ever end — we rounded them up the other day for their glamour shots. And heifer calf Dayna is also for sale (still working on her photo). Please call Ken at 401-258-4281 if interested, for prices.

Still for sale are several other young bulls and a nice bred cow-calf pair.

Here are the details on our latest offerings:



Bull calf
Calved: 6/29/17
By: RVF Reggie


Bull calf
Mr. Red
Calved: 7/12/17
By: RVF 0220 Ringo216

Mr. Red
Mr. Red


Sorry, no photo yet of Dayna. To come soon.

Heifer calf
Calved: 9/16/17
By: RVF 0220 Ringo216

Now for sale: Hereford bulls, bull calves, cow-bull calf pair

Getting ready for breeding season?  Looking to stock up? We’ve got several bulls and bull calves you can choose from.  We’re featuring a cow-bull calf pair, too.  Several are already registered, with the American Hereford Association, where you can find more details on their lineage.

To get prices, please call Ken directly at 401-258-4281.

1. Bred cow-calf pair Cow: RVF 17 Y Maybell 209 Calved: 5/28/14 By: TH22R16S Lambeau 17Y Bull calf calved: 9/16/17 By: SHF Access Y90 A216
2. Bull RVF 340 ET Stan 235 Calved: 8/23/16 By: SULL TCC Mr. Custom Made 340 ET
3. Bull RVF 340 ET Buster 232 Calved: 9/2/16 By: SULL TCC Mr. Custom Made 340 ET
4. Bull RVF 208 Butch 226 Calved: 9/3/16 By: RVF 17Y Calum 208
5. Bull RVF 208 Bruno 233 Calved: 5/18/16 By: RVF 17Y Calum 208
6. Bull calf Bouncer Calved: 8/24/17 By: Boyd Worldwide 9050 ET
7. Bull calf Stonno Calved: 8/30/17 By: SHF Access Y90 A216
8. Bull calf Cazzy Calved: 7/24/17 By: RVF 0220 Ringo 216



Our offerings


Russet Valley Farm, owned by the Panciera family,  has been raising Polled Hereford beef cattle for more than 40 years.

The former dairy farm, located in Hopkinton, R.I.,  is now home to about 35 to 45 cows, bulls, heifers and calves.  Most are registered with the American Hereford Association.  They are bred on the farm with our bulls or through carefully selected AI bulls. They’re raised on mother’s milk and our pastures, then fed on hay primarily grown on our acres.  We know all the sources of their food,  the status of each’s health, and their nicknames.

We specialize in selling beef on the hoof, to buyers who may want to raise cows themselves,  process them for beef for personal use or to sell through established markets.   It’s hard work, every day.

On this blog, we’ll post the latest cattle for sale,  share seasonal photos and feature occasional musings by this farmer’s daughter.  With so many family farms disappearing these days, we hope it makes you feel part of this precious landscape.