Fall 2023 offerings: Cows, heifers, calves being weaned

Three polled Hereford bull calves and two heifer calves are now being weaned and readied for live sale at our farm. The calves, born in September and October,  are AI-sired, from one of two purebred, registered Herefords carefully selected through the American Hereford Association.  Their dams were bred, born and raised at Russet Valley Farm. GeneticsContinue reading “Fall 2023 offerings: Cows, heifers, calves being weaned”

Hereford calves on the way, hay is here

It’s calving time at Russet Valley Farm, from both proven polled Hereford mamas and heifers.  Some cows and heifers are now up for sale. We expect to steer bull calves for sale after weaning. Cow-calf pairs may also be available. We’re also selling hay this year, after the fields took off  from the heavy rainsContinue reading “Hereford calves on the way, hay is here”

Hereford beef cattle for sale May 2020

Demand for locally raised beef appears to be on the rise.  Do you need to add to your herd for your own farm stand?  Want to start raising cattle?  Looking to diversify  with provable,  registered stock? Is it important to you to know where your beef comes from and how they are raised? Russet ValleyContinue reading “Hereford beef cattle for sale May 2020”

Farewell to a farmer: Ken Panciera, 89

Sharing the sad news of the passing of Kenneth H. Panciera, 89, our guiding light at Russet Valley Farm.  The following talk was given by his daughter, Andrea Panciera, at his March 23, 2020, funeral, as snow blew across the Oak Grove Cemetery in Ashaway and after a three-gun military salute and playing of Taps. FAREWELLContinue reading “Farewell to a farmer: Ken Panciera, 89”