Hereford beef cattle for sale: Mature cows, young cattle

beef cattle for sale, Russet Valley Farm Polled Herefords, Hopkinton, RI
Bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds, fresh green grass, and a brook in the shade. Add a Hereford, and you’ve got a perfect farm view. Contact us! June 2022

Do you like to know where your beef comes from? Into buying local? Want to start, add to or diversify your herd? Buy polled Hereford cattle live, at Russet Valley Farm (RVF) in Hopkinton, Rhode Island, breeder of polled Hereford beef cattle for more than four decades.  With a herd of 45-50, we have a variety for fellow farmers, producers and individual buyers to choose from.  No hormones or unnecessary antibiotics used.

For sale now:  Featuring several registered mature cows, some heifers, older steer, raised on pasture and hay, for finishing, processing on your own, breeding or adding to your herd.

Contact us to arrange a visit to the farm,  discuss specific offerings and prices, see more photos.   We can help arrange transportation, too.

Let us help you feel confident in your purchase and feel good about buying local!

Published by Andrea Panciera

Co-manager of family cattle farm, former digital journalist and teacher, outdoor lover, avid learner and veteran of change

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