Winter 2020: Bulls, cows, feeders, calves for sale

HOPKINTON, RI — Lots of live beef cattle to choose from at Russet Valley Farm, where we raise polled Herefords. The following are now for sale, and more are available, registered with American Hereford Association and unregistered.

See something you like or looking for something else? Call KEN at (401) 258-4281 for details, prices. (No texts, please.)

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Bull Stan
Registered RVF 340 ET Stan 235
DOB: 8/23/16
BW: 73 lbs
Sire: SULL TCC Mr. Custom Made 340 ET
Bull Stan
Registered RVF 340 ET Stan 235
DOB: 8/23/16
BW: 73 lbs
Sire: SULL TCC Mr. Custom Made 340 ET
DOB: 8/18/17
BW: 72 lbs
Sire: RVF 0220 Ringo 216
Registered RVF 17 Y Maybell 209
DOB: 5/28/2014
BW: 79 lbs
Sire: TH22R16S Lambeau 17Y
DOB: 6/26/2015
BW: 80 lbs
Sire: Victor 719T
Sydney’s bull calf
DOB: 4/29/19
BW: 76 lbs
Sire: Stan (shown above)
Bluebelle’s bull calf
DOB: 5/7/19
BW: 76 lbs
Sire: Stan (shown above)
Lulabelle’s heifer calf
DOB: 6/27/19
BW: 74 lbs
Sire: Commercial
Sandy’s bull calf
DOB: 4/3/19
BW: 78 lbs
Sire: RVF 208 Bruno 233
Sophie’s bull calf
DOB: 5/29/19
BW: 65 lbs
Sire: Stan (shown above)

Beef cattle for sale May 2019: Bulls, cow-calf pair, feeders

Polled Hereford bull Bruno, so named because of his two brown-spotted eyes, shows who’s in charge in this foggy field.

The herd is happy to see green grass sprouting in the wake of a long winter and almost-constant March and April rains. We’re selling several head as we welcome this year’s crop of calves.

Here are featured cattle for sale as of May 1. More are available, including feeders. Please call Ken at 401-258-4281 for prices, details on each.

Polled Hereford bull Bruno AHA registration #P43772684 DOB: 5/18/16

Polled Hereford bred cow and calf pair Maybell AHA registration #P43582863 DOB: 5/28/14 and Brittany DOB: 8/2/18 Birthweight: 79 lbs

Polled Hereford bull Stan AHA registration #P43783721 DOB: 8/23/16

Hereford bull Buster AHA registration #P43783720 DOB: 9/2/16

Polled Hereford cow Bertha